Massage / Psychosomatic work

Therapies offered

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Holistic relaxing massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Intuitive massage
  • Breathwork
  • Energy work
  • Psychosomatic session mixing massage, movement and reflection

My sessions bring relaxation, well-being and understanding of how body, emotions, thoughts and habits affect each other. Each session is tailored to the person and specific moment by combining the various techniques I practice.

Because simply massaging will not resolve the issue(s) long term, we will explore what shaped you into your current state: all those unconscious habits that create imbalance and discomfort, whether it’s how you sit at work, sleep, your repetitive habits, sports, or what you feel.

You will leave more open, better able to enjoy being with those around you, armed with understanding and practical exercises applicable in daily life, so you can progress in your healing process.

I offer sessions from my home studio near Treptower Park, or at Yoga Sky in Kreuzberg. I can also arrange home visits depending on location, so get in touch.


(travel fees apply for home visits and will be agreed upon prior to session)

Prices are on a sliding scale basis, based on your income. I am open to discussing prices for people who cannot afford those listed and wishing to commit to their well-being. So get in touch!

70/80 €60 minutes
90/100 €90 minutes
110/120 €120 minutes
350/400 €6 massages (60 minutes)
450/500€6 massages (90 minutes)
550/6006 massages (120 minutes)