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Valerie’s classes are always interesting and fresh, because every time she either focuses on a different body part or offers a new approach. I find her way of guiding us through poses both calming and attentive, since besides caring for the whole class she also makes space for individual adjustments. Valérie takes into account how we are on the day and takes time after class to address individual queries or issues. She has a calm and gentle way that makes me feel safe and good. The space made for emotions to also be addressed alongside the physical aspect of the practice is very supportive of my personal development, and after a stressful day her class helps me find my way back to myself. I can only truly recomment her classes” – Judith

I thoroughly enjoy taking Valérie’s yoga classes and look forward to it every week. For those who haven’t experienced yoga, you must go; your body and soul will thank you! Valérie takes you miles away to a calm, relaxing, uncluttered head-space and with the ability to walk downstairs to achieve this before work one evening a week, it is a luxury to take advantage of.” – Nick

“I have been valeried. That means relaxed, soothed, my body has moved with mindfulness, gentle and deep awareness, and I am ready to go to bed to start the week afresh.” – Andrew

Val’s  tremendously  developed  intuition  enabled  her  to  create  tailor  made  Yoga  sessions  for  me,  which  changed  my  life.  As  a  result  of  the  way  she  prepared  me  I  recovered  my  strength,  both  physical  and  emotionally.  Without  ever  putting  any  pressure  on  me  –  merely  by  being  herself  –  she  taught  me  valuable  lessons  about  acceptance,  presence,  patience  and  love.    She  also  insisted  and  succeeded  on  teaching  me  to  self  heal,  a  most  delicious  and  invaluable  tool. ”  Marta

“It’s so great having yoga classes onsite here at Ugli – it’s my little piece of peace which I look forward to towards the end of the week… Valérie our teacher is fantastic – a real mix of mind, body, spirit – which is perfect for me. I always come away feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything..” – Kate

I always leave feeling like I have had a full body massage. My shoulders have never felt so great. Valerie blends her yoga teaching and bodywork beautifully.” – Jo

“I enjoy every minute of our yoga classes! Valérie made me realise that yoga is not just a workout – it’s also about working on yourself. She’s a brilliant teacher with an extraordinary positive energy! I always feel very peaceful and relaxed after each classes.” – Elodie

At first I wasn’t sure if yoga was for me and didn’t expect much but I thought I would try. I am so glad I did because it really makes a difference to the way I feel after a long and stressful day! Now I look forward to the class every week because I feel so great afterwards… I need it!” – Lily