“Valerie’s classes are always interesting and fresh, because every time she either focuses on a different body part or offers a new approach. I find her way of teaching both calming and attentive, since besides caring for the whole class she also makes space for individual adjustments. Valérie takes into account how we are on the day and takes time after class to address individual queries or issues. She has a calm and gentle way that makes me feel safe and good. The space made for emotions to also be addressed alongside the physical aspect of the practice is very supportive of my personal development, and her class helps me find my way back to myself. I truly recommend her classes” – Judith

First of all, I feel like this course has been the best treatment for my body I could imagine. 3-week spa treatment, learning (knowledge, but also learning my body). You know my background story (recent accident) and I was looking for some help and relief in the upper body side. I got much more than this. I feel empowered, gentle, and somehow more fragile at the same time. Maybe I have always been that way and I never felt it before..” – Anc

“Du hast es möglich gemacht, dass ich orte berühren konnte, die ich die letzten 1 1/2 jahre nicht mehr gefunden hab. ich fühle mich soviel kräftiger und ruhiger und offener und in kontakt. Also vielen vielen dank. Mach weiter so!” – Frieda

Ich hab die letzte Aufnahme erst gerade machen können, und wie fantastisch es war! 🙂 Wirklich und ehrlich! Das ist so unglaublich, wie sehr Faszien einen Einfluss auf das Allgemeinbefinden haben, und jedes Mal denke ich, ich bin in meinem Körper zurück. Ganz lieben Dank! ” – Mareike

“I have been valeried: relaxed, soothed, my body has moved with mindfulness, gentle and deep awareness, and I am ready to go to bed to start the week afresh.” – Andrew

Val’s  tremendously  developed  intuition  enabled  her  to  create  tailor  made  Yoga  sessions  for  me,  which  changed  my  life.  As  a  result  of  the  way  she  prepared  me  I  recovered  my  strength,  both  physical  and  emotionally.  Without  ever  putting  any  pressure  she  taught  me  valuable  lessons  about  acceptance,  presence,  patience  and  love. ” – Marta

“It’s so great having yoga classes onsite here at work – it’s my little piece of peace which I look forward to towards the end of the week… Valérie our teacher is fantastic – a real mix of mind, body, spirit – which is perfect for me. I always come away feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything..” – Kate

I always leave feeling like I have had a full body massage. My shoulders have never felt so great. Valerie blends her yoga teaching and bodywork beautifully.” – Jo

“I enjoy every minute of our yoga classes! Valérie made me realise that yoga is not just a workout – it’s also about working on yourself. She’s a brilliant teacher with an extraordinary positive energy! I always feel very peaceful and relaxed after each classes.” – Elodie

At first I wasn’t sure if yoga was for me and didn’t expect much but I thought I would try. I am so glad I did because it really makes a difference to the way I feel after a long and stressful day! Now I look forward to the class every week because I feel so great afterwards… I need it!” – Lily

What people say about my massage work

 “I had 5 sessions with Valerie and I am grateful for this experience. From the first moment I felt that this was the right energy, and it was not only a great experience, but also helped me a lot with my shoulder injury. The session included talking, counseling, movement exercises/yoga asanas, and the massage. Everything was just the right dosage.

Valerie is professional, reliable and takes you and your time seriously, but at the same time relaxed, kind, gentle, supportive, and positive. Thank you very much, Valerie! “ – Marija

“Vom linken kleinen Zeh rauf zum rechten Ohrläppchen spüre ich eine schöne, wohlige Zufriedenheit im Körper. Alles ist eins und fügt sich zusammen. Ich fühle mich schön gestrickt.” – Sirko

Valerie holds a truly nourishing space. She is a deeply intuitive and gifted healer, working with perception and compassion. Our paths crossed when I did one of her brilliant stress and tension releasing workshops, and I sensed that she would be a healing presence in my life. The bodywork sessions I had with Valerie were transformational- in the releasing of long-suppressed emotion, in helping me to develop self-compassion, and learning new practices of self-care.” – Ruth

“When I first came to Val I was in dreadfully poor physical and emotional shape. The very first treatment she gave me was soothing beyond my expectations on both realms of my pain. By the time she was done with me I was in physical bliss. For the first time since I could remember I felt no pain. I remember the heavenly feeling like it was today. A breather from chronic pain is something one doesn’t forget easily. ” Marta

“Just to say thank you for all your help and support this year. I’m immensely grateful. And much of what happened in those sessions had a big impact on my understanding of my body and what was stored deep in me.” Amber

“Oh my goodness… Firstly, thank you again. I’ve never experienced anything like that massage yesterday. After I left, I was very aware that my neck felt very ‘long’ and my shoulders felt like they dropped about 5 inches! I slept very serenely. Also, I’ve been working with the exercises. I became acutely aware today, as I started to practice them, that I felt quite emotional and of the release they brought about! I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for you, but it was to me!  I’ll keep at it… ” – Rachel Martino

“I have had numerous deep tissue massages with Valerie. Her firm pressure combined with her knowledgeable and intuitive approach, have greatly assisted in easing tension in my shoulders and back , loosening up my knees and hips, increasing my overall flexibility/well-being. Her knowledge of yoga has also being useful. I look forward to every appointment, and I would recommend Valerie’s treatments to anyone. ” – Chris

“Valerie’s warmth and friendly nature instantly made me feel at ease and in safe hands – literally! She communicates with genuine care and her knowledge and passion for her work is clear. I came with neck pain that was bothering me and the massage worked into all the nooks and crannies that were tight and sore. I felt peaceful and lighter afterwards, and a real sense of relief from the neck pain.” – Nathalie

Valerie is an AMAZING Massage Therapist! Her knowledge of human physiology, energetic anatomy and her skill set is second to none! if I want to have a truly stress busting, energizing & refreshing session whilst lying down doing nothing, I go to Valerie! I’d highly recommend her services.” – Sean

“I found valerie to be highly supportive, she was immensely in tune with what I required, giving space and direction in order for me to push myself to achieve the healing I required. Her ability to pinpoint which areas needed working on meant I could continue the work she started after the treatments. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Samm

“‘Valerie listens with her entire body, works through her heart, and delivers intelligent kindness and safety through established boundaries and a life time of study, practice and humble insight felt through her touch and presence.”.” – Teal

“My session with Valerie was an absolute treat.  Her touch varied from that of a sculptor moulding clay to the light blessing of a mother’s caress, adjusting to the needs of different areas of my body as she went along.  She was undeterred when my foot cramped up for no reason and was able to tune in and set it straight again – a rare skill.  I left the session feeling relaxed and more connected to my body.” – Justine Lutterodt, Life coach