About my work

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My name is Valerie Hartwich.

I am a bodyworker and yoga teacher with a psychology/sociology background. I work in Berlin and online.

I practice a non-dogmatic and demystified spirituality that helps navigate life with more ease, grace and agency, and connect to the magic that it can be.

I give group yoga classes and workshops in various styles, but also 1-on-1 massage and psychosomatic work, the interplay of body/mind/emotions.


How can I help you find more agency, empowerment and joy in your life?

By uncovering the patterns that hold you back, and strategies for change.

 By sharing simple practices to ground and balance yourself. 

By helping you define your central values, needs and unique traits.

By bringing these together as building blocks of a down to earth joyfilled spirituality.


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One person described how they felt after a class in these words:

“I feel light and joyous like a million pieces of glittering happiness are flowing through my body like a beautiful shiny, sparkly liquid. “

And another described our private sessions work like this:

“Meeting Valérie and discovering her somatic approach to healing has been a
tremendous gift and eye opener in many ways to me. The tools and technics she shared over
time are never used in a ‘one fits all’ kind of way.
Instead, each and every session with her is grounded in reverence to the current ailment,
confusion and blockage I seek help with, finely attuned to my very own way of being and past
experiences. (…) If you are looking to be accompanied by someone who offers playful curiosity, living integrity
and fierce compassion on the bumpy and messy way through the woods of healing, you’ll find
an invaluable gem of a soul in Valérie and her teaching.”


We are a good fit if you also see spirituality as:

– an exploration of what it means to be human, on an individual and collective basis,

– a practice to find the best possible way to harmoniously engage in life.

I will help you understand yourself, how life has shaped you, so you can reclaim your agency, your ability to make conscious choices. This ability is what will root you in yourself and in the world, bringing you joy.

I speak English/German/French/Portuguese. So language is not a barrier.

We will work together to develop your self-awareness and, through it, agency over your physical, mental and emotional well-being via tools you can use in daily life. We’ll start with awareness because it’s key to feeling and understanding the source of tension and discomfort, making it possible to find effective ways to shift it.

It will help you communicate more effectively with your body and emotions, and impact the effects they have on each other. Whether it is a postural pattern or an attitude in life that becomes embodied, we will work to understand and counterbalance those with new and healthy patterns.

Every person is unique, so my work makes space to explore until you find what works and resonates with you!


Write me an valerie@essentiallymoving.com, especially to discuss a private session or massage.

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