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Experience freedom, joy and empowerment 

Learn to deal with everyday stresses with simple self-care practices

Practice a spirituality based in real life for more balance, agency and choice




My name is Valerie Hartwich and I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher with a psychology background. I help people find more balance, ease and joy in their lives, by making yoga and spirituality relevant and simple to practice. I live and work in Berlin, and speak English, German, French and Portuguese. So language is not a barrier.

Together we will develop your self-awareness and, through it, agency over your physical, mental and emotional well-being via tools you can use in daily life. We’ll start with awareness because it’s key to feeling and understanding the source of tension and discomfort, making it possible to find effective ways to shift it. Like a conversation where people actually listen to each other, making communication efficient  and solutions easier to find. It will help you communicate more effectively with your body and emotions, and impact the effects they have on each other. Whether it is a postural pattern or an attitude in life that becomes embodied, we will work to understand and counterbalance those with new and healthy patterns.

And because every person is unique, we will explore until we find what works and resonates with you!


One person described how they felt after my class in these words:

“I feel light and joyous like a million pieces of glittering happiness are flowing through my body like a beautiful shiny, sparkly liquid. Thank you for being in this life with me.”


Find my weekly yoga classes here, or email valerie@essentiallymoving.com me to discuss private sessions or massage.

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