Letting go of tension and stress: self-care workshop for the upper body and nervous system

I ran this workshop on the 26th of July at Samsara yoga studio. New dates to be added soon so come back to this space regularly!

Take time out for you, doing a class that is nurturing and relaxing, learning easy tools to live in a body with less tension, more calm and energy.  Suitable to all levels, and abilities, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Are your shoulders, neck, or jaw tense, or even painful?

Are you feeling stressed, tense or sleeping poorly?

Has life thrown at you a bit more than you’d like to handle?

Are you finding it difficult to unwind and focus?

Want to learn how to relax, focus and breath deeper?

Learn tools to go through the rest of the year in better shape, coping more effectively with the pressures of modern life.

Stress and tension are widespread in our society, causing emotional and physical discomfort and unease. Though we enjoy many material comforts, the body’s survival mechanism (the fight of flight response) gets regularly triggered by a whole array of pressures put on us by the outside world, and sometimes by ourselves. The shoulders, neck and jaw are the main areas to feel this. In this workshop you will practise a simple and gentle form of yoga, so that you can take away practical tools to deal with stress and release those tights parts of the body.

What to look forward to:

– Easy and efficient movements to open up and soften the shoulders, neck and jaw

– Simple breathing techniques to release tension and deepen the breath and focus

– Practical self-massage tools to quickly bring relief to yourself or others

– An understanding of how stress affects the body and what can help deal with it

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