Brand new beginnings and new schedule in London

Dear students and clients,

For those of you who did not know, my life has significantly changed  in the last 10 months. I got married, lost my father, went on a two months trip, moved to Berlin and chose to work less. I am still working in London once a month and you will find all dates and locations here if you wish to continue our work together. If you seek support in Berlin, get in touch as I am slowly building a practice here.

I made those decisions based on the principles I follow in my work. I listened to my needs and aspirations, and decided together with my partner that we wished for a more peaceful city with cleaner air.  I took stock of how much I needed to restore my energy levels after being a carer to my father and also being in a caring profession over the last three years. I decided slowing down would be the best for myself, but also those I worked for.

Sometimes I think less is more. Doing less so you do what you do with more attention and energy. Having less reliance on a specific yoga teacher or therapist, and developing more self-care skills. This has always been a big aspect of my work, and with a reduced schedule, it will become even more so. So expect even more support to develop a robust toolbox for your self-care, awareness of your patterns and greater joy.

Do get in touch if you want to find out about available private sessions or want more information on my work.

I am incredibly proud of all the work I have done with my students and clients over this time, and look forward to getting back to a full schedule in a few months in full form.

Be well, be mindful and take good care!

With love,





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