Yin training 2024 with Liina Tael & Valerie Hartwich

For the fifth year in a row, my colleague and friend Liina Tael and myself will be offering our unique yin and fascia yoga training.

It’s always a joy to share our knowledge with trainees, and learn with them how to best serve the needs of individual students, deal with the challenges of every day life on our bodies, especially on the nervous system, organs and fascia.

Every year the main feedback, and take away for us, is how well we work together, blending our skills and backgrounds (psychology, sociology, somatics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, fascia, and nervous system regulation) and using our different personalities and teaching styles to ensure every one is enriched and empowered by our training to be a more skilled teacher and facilitator.

And one of our favourite moments are the honest and eye opening conversations about how to best navigate the challenges of teaching yoga in the modern Western world.

Here is some information on the upcoming training. More can be found under the Workshops/trainings & retreats tab of my website menu:


with Liina Tael & Valerie Hartwich
February – June 2024

Are you seeking a solid, practical, well-rounded understanding of yin yoga,
whether to deepen your practice or teaching?

This training offers a holistic understanding of anatomy and physiology,
giving participants effective and science-based tools for wellbeing within a yin context, by providing a foundational study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), fascia, functional movement, nervous system and somatics. It also helps trainees develop a comprehensive and realistic perspective of what yin can mean, on and off the mat, by integrating reflective group and self-inquiry work to refine what the practice means for each person, how it can enrich their daily life, and how they want to share it with the world.
Through lectures, pre-recorded tutorials, experimentation in the body, practice sessions, in-depth posture labs and homework for self-inquiry, trainees explore the wholesome effect this potent practice has on the body, mind and spirit.

MODULE 1 in Berlin February 22 -25
MODULE 2 Online March 22 – 24
MODULE 3 Online April 26 – 28
IMMERSION RETREAT in Odenwald May 29 – June 2

Each training weekend consists of daily yin yoga, lectures, interactive embodiment exercises/inquiries, group work, discussions and homework assignments, supported by a comprehensive 100 page manual, pre-recorded tutorials and further reading/viewing suggestions.
For more information, contact liina.tael@gmail.com or visit this link.

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